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School Day Shows


Shows at 10 am and 12:30 pm - Estimated Run Time 1.5 hours


Reserve Your Seats Today!

Call the office at (509) 328-4886
or email fieldtrip@spokanechildrenstheatre.org

Share the love of theater with students of all ages. Spokane Children's Theatre offers school day field trip performances for each show of our season at a reduced rate - $6/student and with every 10 paid students receive 1 free adult teacher/chaperone ticket!

A 50% minimum deposit is due within 2 weeks of making reservation. The remaining balance is due 4 weeks prior to show date. 100% refund will be issued if order is canceled 30 days prior to show or school closure due to weather. A 100% refund will also be issued if SCT has to cancel show for any reason.

As soon as you know which performance you’ll be attending, fill out the registration form and email or mail it back to us. IF you are mailing the form, send us a quick email of your show choice information so we can reserve your seats!

We have plenty of parking and EASY BUS ACCESS!

Our shows do SELL OUT – So don’t delay and miss a wonderful opportunity for your students (and you)!

In preparation for your visit to the theatre, please take time to share this information with your students. We look forward to seeing you!

Theater Etiquette

et·i·quette (ĕt'ĭ-kĕt', -kĭt) - The rules of good behavior, manners expected in a social situation

Please come on time:

  • Plan to arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the start of the play.
  • Use the restroom before entering the theater.
Please turn off your cell phone or any devices that could make noises or light up during the performance.

Please be seated when the lights dim before the show it's your signal that the performance is about to start!

Please remember that the seats are for sitting - please do not stand on them, put your feet on the seats, or kick the seat in front of you.

Please stay in your seats - the actors might come toward the stage from the aisles in the audience, and can't get to the stage if someone blocks the way. It is also a fire hazard.

Please keep all food and beverages outside the theater.

Please keep all cameras and video equipment off - live performances may not be recorded without express written permission.

Please be respectful. This is LIVE THEATER and the actors on stage can hear you!

  • Please do not talk during the show - even a whisper is distracting to the actors and the audience members around you.
  • Please do laugh when you think something is funny - the actors want to hear you having a good time.
  • Please applaud at the end actors love knowing you enjoyed the show, that means they did their job right!

If you have any questions, please call (509) 328-4886 or email us at fieldtrip@spokanechildrenstheatre.org

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